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I am running OpenBSD 4.8 on both of my laptops for everyday use
Thinkpad T23 P3 1.13GhZ, 1GB RAM, 30GB HD
Thinkapd A22p P3 900MhZ, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD.

I used to bounced between Linux distros mainly Ubuntu,OpenSuSe,Gentoo,Slackware and FreeBSD and PC-BSD before I tried OpenBSD and I never looked back.
Most linux distros getting too bloated and not to mention the constant
security updates, there still some good ones (Gentoo, Arch,Slackware...)

I like the simplicity, security, speed and the fact the BSD likes are developed and built as a whole OS (centralized). Everything else is add on,not like linux where everything is blended together.

Far as gaming and Flash...I can live without it. (there is always trade off)

Windows is not even an option for me, I guess I am allergic to it
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