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Cool General OpenSolaris Discussion

I once considered OpenSolaris as my main system, later only for a laptop, now after FreeBSD replaced all my OpenSolaris installations I start to think, why I wasted all that time trying to use OpenSolaris Package Manager called IPS, also comments on this blog sums a lot about it:

... like these:

"Ian Murdock has taken a superb enterprise O/S and turned it into Linux circa 1998."

"Maybe i’m old-fashioned, but shouldn’t core O/S tools be written in C? If you can’t code in C, I don’t want you writing my O/S."

I do not want to bash OpenSolaris (from which we have great ZFS for example), OpenSolaris just wants to be Linux too much (like taking Ian Murdock for the job).

What are Your OpenSolaris issues?

PS. 1. Draft of "What's New in OpenSolaris 2010.03" is available here: I have read some rumors that they are rebranding 2010.03 from OpenSolaris to Oracle Solaris Express.

PS. 2. Solaris will not be free to use anymore:
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