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On my box (7-stable complied a few weeks ago) /usr/bin/true is a 4kb file; or did you mean the file being sent? (I assume true is to : like test is to [ in sh script; but I've rarely seen true or : used)

I believe some programs (either on their own genius or threw ports 'make' targets I dunno about yet) can save old libs (portupgrade comes to mind), but generally yeah it should've killed it; ports/pkg have an idea of what files they come with and try and clean up after themselves.

The way I found out about it, was looking up libxcb, and following the link in pkg-descr to cure curiosity over it as an "xlib replacement"; which mentioned using supporting libs (with a list) for higher level programming (I'm a programmer by nature; cleaner by trade). When I looked over the output you posed again, I saw the '' part and it clicked: libxcb-render was one of the supporting libs I saw on the web page.Having the libraries name, I knew it had to be either part of libxcb, libxcb-render, or some other package; a search of ports turned up xcb-util and a look around their pkg-plist / Makefile 's clinched it. (I use ports-mgmt/psearch and for it). The files in /var/db/pkg/pkg-x.y.z_a and /usr/port/category/portname can be very handy for gathering info.

Really, I think a big part of computer savy'ness is learning how to get half a clue, and hack away at it until it leads to something else; trying to learn more about that shows good signs padawan ;-)

You'll find us lot much more inclined to help those who are willing to help themselves.

One thing you might like is using 'script' to log stuff; normally when doing a big round of updates I execute 'script /home/Terry/descriptive-name.scr' from the root shell and go run stuff, so I can have some clue of the output of programs beyond the terminals scrollback buffer. (note: control chars from shell line editing or apps like vi show up in the file, and can sometimes make it harder to search the file via editor or grep). I've still got a 15M 'world.scr' from last weeks update (I think the logs of portmaster were over 50M)

& thank you for deciding to add a [solved] to the thread title when it eventually is solved; it helps people find the thread and know "hey, the solution is probably there" :-)

I still remember the joys of dealing with libxcb / glib20 back in February'ish in my before-last periodic update of everything. Ended up having to rebuilt most of X11 and GTK+.
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