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Default 10.3-RELEASE installer and partitioning - what goes on under the hood?

Hi there,

just popping over from the OpenBSD part of the forum

I'd like to install 10.3 from USB but I'm not 100% sure about the partitioning step. Let me elaborate:

Installer boots fine, at the Partitioning screen I choose
  • Auto (UFS) Guided Disk Setup
  • "Select the disk on which to install FreeBSD" I select da0
  • "Would you like to use this entire disk (da0) ..." <Entire Disk>
  • "Confirmation" This will erase... <Yes>
  • "Select a partition scheme"GPT

So far, so good. Then I reach the Partition Editor's rewiew screen:
(FreeBSD Handbook, Chapter 2.6.2, Figure 2.15. "Review Created Partitions")

In my case the screen above shows all devices and their partitions: ada0 da0 da1 (hardrive and two USB thumb drives respectively). da0 contains the freshly created partition table for the FreeBSD install, just as it should.

It's the next step I'm unsure about:

(FreeBSD Handbook, Chapter 2.7, Figure 2.26. "Committing to the Installation")

Confirmation Your changes will now be written to disk. If you have chosen to overwrite existing data, it will be PERMANENTLY ERASED. Are you sure you want to commit your changes?
What exactly will happen if I click/choose <Commit>? The previous screen displayed all partition tables for all devices, will the installer touch ada0 and da1 as well or just da0 (which is what I want). It's the way the information is laid out by the installer which makes me hesitant to proceed.
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