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As far as your ADSL router is concerned, it doesn't know how to route to the inner network, 192.168.2/24. You will need to add a route to that device, using the OpenBSD as the router. Think: more than a point-to-point connection requires a routing table entry. The ADSL router doesn't know about the 192.168.2/24 network, yet.

1) Never put two NICs on the same subnet from a single host. It is weak topology, fraught with more problems than it can possibly solve.

2) With this configuration, you have three choices (at least):

Choice A) add a route on the ADSL box to the inner network, using the OpenBSD box as the router.

Choice B) Convert the OpenBSD box to a NAT router, so all inner devices will have their addresses translated to the OpenBSD's single network address.

Choice C) Run the OpenBSD box as a firewall bridge, with all devices on the same subnet.


I recommend Option A.
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