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Also, I cannot start FireFox:
(firefox-bin:47583): Gtk WARNING **: cannot open display:
Does this have anything to do with the extract failure of the scompat?

Otherwise, how to start FireFox? I've googled, and searched the forums . . .read some things about not running X systems as root, but then again, something about FireFox needing to run as root the first time so that some permissions, etc. can be established?
You do not need to run firefox as root. Ever.
Just install firefox from ports and it will store everything in your home directory (~/.mozilla).

If you want to allow the root user to run applications use # xhost +localhost.
Even better would be to use xinit(1) to start X instead of startx(1) so you don't need to deal with the whole xauth/xhost stuff.

I've installed FreeBSD v7.2 via internet mirror. All seemed well except during the "late night odyssey", I observed a message with wait stating that the scompat extract failed. This is what I know about the creature:
Can you post the full error message?
I'm not sure what scompat is, it's not part of FreeBSD base nor is it a port (deleted or otherwise).
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