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Would you be so kind as to post additional information? There isn't enough information in your post to provide you with help.
  1. What is the exact wording of the message?
  2. Where in the upgrade process does it occur? (After which script prompt, specifically?)
  3. On the running, non-upgraded system, what device number is the boot drive? (wd0, wd1, sd0, sd1, sd2...)
  4. What exactly is the release/flavor of the system being upgraded? (Hint: posting a dmesg would be ideal, because it may answer many follow-on questions.)
  5. Would you please also post disklabel output for all attached drives on the running, non-upgraded system? Include the boot drive, and any other drives normally attached to the running system. (You may ignore any attached install media, if you happen to use it.)
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