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You all may remember the unfortunate demise of TUX Magazine due to a non-interest in business advertising. Well... it isn't everyday that we BSD users have our own magazine - and a fine one at that.

If you haven't picked up a copy of BSD Magazine from your local retailer - why not? It is a certain way of showing support not only for BSD but for the global business community choosing to stand behind our choice.

BSD Magazine is in dire straits. Like TUX, BSD Magazine is not making the sales figures it needs to survive.

The Editor has contacted me imploring me to get this message out - in an attempt at making one last stand to save the magazine.


Please consider purchasing a copy (or two) at your local retailer - available at Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide.

For more information about BSD magazine google BSD magazine.

Please help to get this message out. It's not everyday we have a magazine dedicated and devoted just to BSD users. Let's not allow to happen to BSD magazine what happened to TUX.
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