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Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
Define "better". Until clarity in terminology is acheived, any discussion is simply handwaving.
Better as in what BSD can do better than Linux or what BSD can do that Linux can't. And even opinions might satisfy me. I'm a tech minded guy just looking around for a better understanding of these things. However, I haven't got the resources available to me right now to try BSD for myself. And I'm not about to install BSD in place of my Linux installation. Not now that I'm comfortable.

Let me start of with some questions:

1) How friendly is BSD? I've heard some stories of it actually getting more and more friendly, specifically with the PC-BSD install process.

2) Does BSD interact well with most hardware? As in detecting it, having working drivers for it out of the box (or user installable drivers). I'm talking about stuff like video and audio specifically. But even wireless, which leads me to my next question.

3) Does BSD do well with wireless connections? I'm not talking specifically PCI wireless cards, but also USB adapters (such as mine).

4) Last, but certainly not least, does BSD usually have good community support? Now this is a big one for me. I wouldn't touch Linux with a ten foot pole, let alone use it, if the Linux based operating system that I want to use doesn't have a good community.

Anyway, those are just the basics. Anything else you want to add, go for it. The more information I can get, the better my understanding will become.
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