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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
Agreed, I resisted the urge to write a long elaborate comparison, just for you.

In the future, while your intentions may have been honest, asking for a generalized and unbiased comparison is just unfair.. you need to do your own research using the information you have available, and make your own conclusions.

Also, I notice you mention "BSD", and while you're posing in the FreeBSD section.. you may or may not realize that each of the BSD's have been developed separately for many years, and have diverged considerably.

Thanks for the help, rather the lack there of. That aside, I consider one BSD to be a branch of another. They are all related in the fact that all of the BSD operating systems are "BSD based". Not a whole lot different from what people call "Linux distributions". And I posted in the FreeBSD section because there wasn't a specific place for BSD in general.

Anyways, obviously community friendliness isn't something that is of value here. Unless that sense of hostility that I'm getting is unfounded.
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