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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Your other operating system probably is pulling pages which are already cashed. You could definitely do that on OpenBSD. You can run cashing only DNS server on your network or something like Squid proxy which will cash pages for you.
Well I always run my Firefox in Private mode and set it to remember nothing. If it is not my browser but my OS caching pages then I'm glad that OpenBSD doesn't. But to test this morning I installed OSX on an external hard drive and booted up with it, and it loads pages very fast like my internet should so I don't know if it's caching since it is a fresh install. I do not run my own DNS servers since I only have 1 computer so I dunno what it is. I also do not want to cache my pages (hence running Firefox in Private mode and remember nothing).

Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
OpenBSD 4.9 will have send/receive buffer scaling, this was added shorted after 4.8 was tagged.

For fast connections it might have some impact, using a snapshot may improve performance.. an alternate solution might be to bump net.inet.tcp.{recv,send}space from their default values of 16K to something like 65535 bytes or larger, this setting will obviously apply to all applications and arguably waste some memory.. then again, most computers have ample.

If you're using OpenBSD exclusively as a router/packet filter, none of what I said above is relevant to your interests.
Do you know how much speed will it be limited to? I do not understand the terminology on that page
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