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Old 3rd June 2008
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It's been stated that the acrimony should be kept down... and I while I agree with taking the high road, it must be stated that it's difficult to show the admin any love or empathy at this point. There was a lot of effort placed into creating a community on that site, and it never got the attention or respect it deserved from the site owner.

I guess I don't need to rehash things for most of you guys... you were, after all, that community I speak of. But I will say that the best thing that guy could do is take the site down and call it quits. Its obvious that he can't properly maintain it, he lost the core of the community that could've maintained it, and by keeping it up only serves to confuse the situation. I hate to think that newbies will find that forum, post there, experience the malaise that is that site, and then conclude to some degree that it is representative of the BSD community.

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