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Default hi

Oh i see

Yes i think i got really upset there myself
and told someone some bad things maybe because i was so comfortable there,
and then all of a sudden that comfort was no longer there,

After hearing about what was going on there i also made the move to here.

i missed seeing my old questions when i needed to look back on some notes as well.
and do not know if they still have them there or not.

But the next day i get a reply from an important question i asked
and when i go to the page it was nothing but an advertisement link.

And thats when i just lost it from that day on because you can ask anyone if
i ever acted inapropriate at any time before in that forum till that day.

i think after yelling and screaming there i changed my password and email
so i can forget how to log in i was that upset.

So even if they do reopen and you all move back i would be locked out.
The journey is better then the destination

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