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Originally Posted by corey_james View Post
I have a VERY short attention span and i wish you would consider this next time you make a post!
Short attention span and programming in C? Oh boy is that a strange mixture of dangling pointers ;-)

I usually feed code though lint with various switches (and note the changes in output) on both my FreeBSD and OpenBSD systems as well as compiling with the desired warning levels and testing the program on both.

Ever since I had a program that was executing normal on one BSD but segfaulting on the other due to a coding oversight on my part -- I've tested on both, less it happen again ;-)

lint's feedback should be taken with a grain of salt: people know better then programs, otherwise UNIX would've been a precursor to automated PacMan.

Depending on your implementation of lint and how much of current standards you're allowed to use, it can produce some 'interesting' outputs. And it really does help to have a human being figure it whats valid shouting and whats just background noise.
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