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Default Wine OpenBSD

While I was updating my office desktop to the latest 4.6 snapshot two weeks ago I noticed that Wine port has been updated to the latest stable version 1.21. Due to the 4Gb of RAM I run AMD version on my office desktop so I am not in the position to test the port until I update some of my home desktops. Does anyone actually has any experience with the latest Wine on OpenBSD ? Is it just there for developmental reasons or is it usable?

One unrelated notice. swfdec plugin 0.82 works really beautiful on OpenBSD 4.6 AMD. YouTube, Google video and quite number of other sites full of flush are rendered flawlessly. Actually, one would have a hard time to notice the difference between Windows and OpenBSD. Unfortunately not all flash sites are render correctly. I use Wiley Plus for one of the courses that I teach. Some of the interactive HW assignments use flash and are not completely correctly displayed. It also looks like swfdec development is stale. The new version was supposed to be released in March but it is still not released. Does anyone have any additional information about this issue?

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