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Originally Posted by IronForge View Post
On the practical side, not having something that would help people - pardon the pun - cross over from Windows for nearly ten years "just doesn't look good" on the advocacy front, IMHO. Though the OBSD OS/Documentation philosophy is quite straightforward, pragmatic, and logically sound, there appear to be a few apps/features that prevent more people, corporations, etc. to try it out. Given the popularity of Linux and OSX, I'm sure people would enjoy having to work with more reliable alternatives to the Windows OS AND still have access to its apps.
In general, you have a point, & if the OpenBSD Project's goal was to treat itself as a product to sell, if it wanted to show marketplace growth, or a dominant position among conmmercial alternatives, then your point would be quite sound & grounded. However, these aren't the goals of the OpenBSD Project.

The target audience of the OpenBSD Project is the OpenBSD developers themselves. The project just happens to make its work available to the public. I am sure that the developers are aware its shortcomings, but developers have to champion causes. If one of the developers feels passionate enough about any particular feature, in time it will happen.

While the Project does ask for donations & does ask users to help support its work, its goals & target audience remains firm. The OpenBSD Project will likely always remain small, but this seems fine by the developers. Is this odd or contradictory? Maybe, maybe not. The model has been able to sustain itself for nearly fifteen years. OpenBSD is an engineering project for engineers by engineers. Nothing more; nothing less.
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