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I will second Ocicat's reply. Users do not steer the Project. Ever. The developers do. We users are along for the ride. And in no sense does a) interoperable functionality with Windows, b) ease of use for the new-to-BSD Windows or Linux user, or c) advocacy of OpenBSD at all ... have anything to do with the Project's goals.

Users who wish to contribute can contribute to the ports tree, or may contribute patches to the OS. All may be rejected. I've had patches completely rejected, or partially accepted. I've had a couple of ports added to the tree, after much work, and several rejections.

Any other contributions -- monetary, or hardware -- are accepted only when without any preconditions. At best -- at best, mind you -- a user might arrange to make a donation of specific hardware, hoping for its support, or might fund a specific research activity, hoping it may bear fruit. The likelihood of success will depend on the time, interest levels, and support of the specific developer(s) involved.

At no time will a non-contributory request for a feature be accepted unless there is a developer already intending to add it, no matter how politely worded. And I have never seen a suggestion for a shift in Project direction, no matter how small, be accepted.
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