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FreeBSD does not support Intel's open graphics cards, all specifications of 965G (X3000/X3100) and G35 (X3500) are avialable, all documentation on 2D and 3D accelration, video accelration, everything, along with Intel open drivers for them and FreeBSD does not support them as they are on the market for about 2 years now, I really do not care about FreeBSD's hardware support anymore.

I will propably go for OpenSolaris or Mac OS X anyway, I do not have all life to wait for that hardware support to come.

And I do not want nVidia blob on my system, it hangs randomly too much, not telling that its useless when you use xVM/Xen while Intel GFX are 100% supported under it and works the same speed/features in Dom0 in xVM/Xen.

I never had real long experience with WIFI on *nix so I will not speak here.

If you really seek for 100% supported FreeBSD laptop, then get someting with Intel GMA 950 graphics, it will work for sure, other hardware from that time(nic/snd/wifi) will also be supported for sure.
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