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When it comes to speed, the one thing I can't dismiss about Google Chrome.

In Flock when I open gmail, I usually ^T myself a new tab,^I^M and click on the tab I just came from to view it while I wait on gmail to load. At which point, I've got to wait several seconds before anything actually happens (including switching to the tab I just clicked) until gmail has practically loaded, especially on my 'slower' system it's a bit of a wait.

When I open a new tab, I can go to and it's loading doesn't slow down the rest of the browser at all. Whether it's because of how it handles tabs/processes different, the can of V8, or just making their own services 'extra' snappy in Google Chrome, it is an improvement in usability!

At least if like me, you usually have 2 or 3 windows full of tabs -- it sucks to wait on one tab before parsing the others lol.
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