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Default CF as a *BSD hard drive?


I've been reading up on a growing(?) trend in computers. Instead of shelling out $300+ for a decent solid state drive, using CF as a solid state drive. What you do is get a (or several) CF card of whatever size you want and a CF to SATA or a CF to IDE adapter and voila - your very own solid state drive. Some adapters even allow you to couple multiple CF cards together to increase storage capacity (three is the most I have seen so far).

While CF cards don't have the capacity of the newest crop of solid state drives (128GB now on Newegg - for over $3,000!) nor rival the TB breaking crop of traditional hard drives, they are certainly more affordable than solid state drives and offer similar benefits. For a 32GB setup (the largest single CF card on Newegg) would be ~$100 for the card plus ~$15 for the adapter. That's $115 for this setup while a comparable solid state drive starts at $400.

Once connected, the CF + adapter is seen by the system as any other IDE/SATA drive that can be formatted, booted from, read/written by the operating system, etc. And the adapters can be either internally mounted, or mounted via a PCI slot (regular and low-profile), via a 3.5" bay drive bracket, both allowing for easy insertion and removal of the CF hard drive. So you could have an entire site(s) setup in this format and take your system with you - all in a single CF card!
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