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Poking around the registry can be fun, even if it is sometimes a bit of a rob Peters GUID to look up Paul kind of pain. When I have to deal with problems, I do whatever I can to diagnose and try to fix it -> until learning more of Windows becomes more time consuming then redoing the machine would. Maybe the reason I'm more hesitant then some, when it comes to wipe & clean over fix or die trying, is it took more then an entire week get my desktop fully configured, compared to a few hours for a FreeBSD machine.

My personal desktop has only had XP reinstalled once in 3 years, the machines I've had to deal with for business reasons [sic], have never needed nuking period... but we also don't surf porn off the servers

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The thing is that (broken) Windows systems are just so damn hard & time-consuming to fix, C:\Windows is a mess, let's not even start about the registry.


People say Windows is easy, and up to some point they may be right. But if you need to do some serious work with it, it's damn hard to get anything done.
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