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Thank you,

I'm new to this raspi thing, but I'm a Linux Desktop user and primarily FreeBSD for serving little LAN projects.

On this topic maybe I'm missing something, I looked up aliases and understand that an alias requires a different subnet which is perfect, as well as giving me a second network interface listing in ifconfig. So what is not allowing me to route from rl0 (Pub-IP)--->rl0_alias (


WORLD--->MODEM--->SWITCH--->rl0 [RasPi] Public IP --->rl0_alias ( --->switch

Ex idea for Routing tables
Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire
default UGS 0 49378 xl0 UH 0 6 lo0
10.0.0/24 link#1 UC 0 0 xl0
192.168.1/24 link#2 UC 0 0 xl0_alias

If there is something fundamentally disallowing packets to be passed through the alias, I could understand, I just thought a situation similar to this might work. If not I can always use a USB NIC, I was just going for efficiency.
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