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Originally Posted by asemisldkfj View Post
oh woops, I thought I was on the 4.7 version of the man page, but it just defaulted to current when it didn't find the 4.7 one.
Don't worry, I almost did the same thing and tried 5.5 before I remembered the man pages online were probably -current and not -stable.

Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
With OpenBSD, using a newer firmware along with an older driver is typically discouraged, he should wait for 4.8 or try a snapshot.
So basically, try a snapshot with firmware 5.5 and see if that's the silver bullet? I've never actually run a snapshot before! Sounds like fun! I'll see if that helps.

If I have a lot of time, I do have another Intel card I could try out. But I do not look forward to taking apart the u820 to get to the other card. It's a somewhat 'intimate' process.
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