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Originally Posted by hanzer View Post
What if one could get their PGP key signed by an "official of integrity appointed by state government"
That assumes governments can be trusted.

If a person could physically meet with a validated agent of a centrally organized system of identity authentication
Is there really a need for centralised control of private message encryption methods? Should such a system also be created for car brakes? Curently, automotive makers set their own standards for brake design. The purpose of that analogy to argue that centralised control is not always necessary.

Significant infrastructure would be required to make this work
Which again raises the question of, is it desirble? Would a cost-benefit analysis suggest the rewards would be greater than the effort?

maybe a nonprofit corporation to develop and manage the technical policies and political negotiations; and maybe several businesses offering a variety of products and services to the various entities and agencies using the method.
What makes a group of companies more trustworthy than one? Which can be trusted more? A group of companies or a government (and its "trusted appointees")?
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