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I am reviving this thread in order to report that I have begun work on 5.2-release based images. I've made the following decisions:
  • I am eliminating XFCE, Gnome, and KDE images.
  • I am eliminating multiple system images -- there will be only one build per architecture.
  • I am retaining both i386 and amd64 architectures. If the purpose were workstation only, i386 would suffice, but I wish to retain the ability to use this system for "rescue" capability for installed amd64 platforms.
  • I will have images for booting from CD or USB mass storage. That's a total of four downloadable images -- two architectures, two bootable media types.
  • The system image will be OpenBSD 5.2-release with mutt, firefox, fluxbox, xpdf, and libreoffice.
  • If a graphical environment is chosen at boot time, the operator may then choose between fluxbox, cwm, or fvwm window managers.
  • WiFi network settings will be scripted, permitting SSID, nwakey / wpakey settings as needed.
I have not yet gotten to the point of determining if Libreoffice will actually fit within the 700MB CD limit. If it doesn't, I will replace libreoffice with abiword/gnumeric.

Edited to add: The mass storage image will include an empty FAT partition; the script will prompt to optionally mount it. The CD image cannot do the same -- instead the script will prompt to optionally mount a partition from another drive.

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