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Thank you, daemonfowl. You've recommended perhaps a dozen different applications in this thread already. Each time, I've told you the same thing. Please re-read the thread, paying attention to my responses to your suggestions.

I am not adding any of your suggestions. If I did, I may as well add everyone's suggestions, including a suggestion to install every single distributable package.

Why limit the applications?
  • Practicality - this must fit on CD, large CD9660 on DVD or larger optical media have proven themselves unworkable. In like manner, I intend for this to fit on 1GB sticks to limit the cost for use.
  • Operational CD9660 limitations - the filesystem is limited to 2GB in size, but the El Torito boot blocks require CD9660 filesystems with limited tree structures. For the largest images -- KDE and Gnome -- I'd crafted a workaround using vnode(9) and subsidiary image files just to permit booting.
  • Compute resources - Mine are limited and I do not want to spend many days or weeks building packages.
  • Time - same as above.
  • Install to USB has been available for years -- ever since USB mass storage was bootable. As I wrote TO YOU in this thread on 29 Feb, just use FAQ 14.17.3 and CONFIGURE YOUR OWN personal USB device with all the applications YOU want.