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I can't believe I've got another OpenBSD laptop running Fluxbox and Fvwm. I like Fvwm, but Flux takes less time to configure on a new system when you don't want to import .fvwmrc config files and pixmap directories. I like starting afresh and learning new things when I can. I've been using OpenBSD for a year now and I don't believe all the hype about it being as difficult as they say. To me it's easier because all the crud in other Unixes just get in the way and block you. I like having a barebones OpenBSD install and setting it up from there. I don't think you even have to run 'Xorg --configure' as root or anything to get Fluxbox working just put 'exec /your/fluxbox/directory/path' in your .xinitrc after you 'sudo make install && sudo make clean' from the /usr/ports/x11/fluxbox directory and it should fly. Don't over complicate things. And, remember you're learning this OS and all it's intricacies and you should be having fun. If not, don't even bother.
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