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Default Unleashed: a new Illumos distribution

A newborn Illumos project, Unleashed OS, just annouced and committed its first formal release. Notable features about the project uncovered on the mailing list:

A '-' means that the support for that feature was removed, a '+' means that
the support for that feature was added, and a '*' means that the behavior
was changed.

 - 32-bit x86 kernel support (32-bit x86 applications are still supported)
 - sparc support
 - xen domU and dom0 support
 - Trusted Solaris aka. Trusted Extensions
 - SVR4 pkg support & code
 - solaris10 zone brand
 - ndd(8) (use ipadm(8) and dladm(8) instead)
 - closed source components were removed, including:
   - in.iked(8) and related utilities
   - kmdb modules: mpt and nfs
   - kernel drivers: atiatom, bnx, ixgb, sdpib, usbser_edge, glm, mpt, adpu320,
     bcm_sata, lsimega, marvel88sx, acpi_toshiba, intel_nhmex
 - avs ("Sun StorageTek Availability Suite")
 - tcopy(1)
 - /usr/ucb and libbc ("SunOS/BSD Compatibility Package")
 - rdist(1), rcp(1), rlogin(1), rlogind(1m), rsh(1), rshd(1m)
 - uucp services (uuencode and uudecode are still present)
 - libslp, slpd ("Service Location Protocol daemon")
 - Java bits: poold(8), libzfs_jni, libadt_jni, libdtrace_jni,  DTrace Java
   support, parts of libdns_sd
 - Sun Studio and lint build support
 - getpwent_r(3c), fgetpwent_r(3c), which are non-standard and were different
   from other OSes
 - getpw(3c)
 - POSIX.1c Draft versions of several reentrant functions were removed.
   Applications using the draft versions have to be modified; users of the
   standard versions are unaffected.
    - readdir_r
    - getpwuid_r
    - getpwnam_r
 - drop support for Riyadh87, Riyadh88, and Riyadh89 timezones
 - routeadm(1m), svc:/network/routing/legacy-routing,
   svc:/network/ipv[46]-forwarding removed. use ipadm to manage forwarding and
   smf to manage the routing-related daemons.
 - xpg4, xpg6 directories were removed, utilities moved to /usr/bin.
 - troff(1), nroff(1), addbib(1), checknr(1), deroff(1), diffmk(1), eqn(1),
   indxbib(1), lookbib(1), refer(1), roffbib(1), soelim(1), tbl(1), ul(1),
   vgrind(1), /usr/bin/makedev /usr/bin/ta removed -- made obsolete by mandoc
 - pre-XPG5 behavior: ungetwc(3c), putwchar(3c), putwc(3c), fputwc(3c),
   fputws(3c), fgetwc(3c), getwc(3c), getwchar(3c), fgetws(3c)
 - C89 behavior: fprintf(3c), fscanf(3c), fwprintf(3c), fwscanf(3c),
   printf(3c), scanf(3c), snprintf(3c), sprintf(3c), sscanf(3c),
   swprintf(3c), swscanf(3c), vfprintf(3c), vfscanf(3c), vfwprintf(3c),
   vfwscanf(3c), vprintf(3c), vscanf(3c), vsnprintf(3c), vsprintf(3c),
   vsscanf(3c), vswprintf(3c), vswscanf(3c), vwprintf(3c), vwscanf(3c),
   wprintf(3c), wscanf(3c)
 + awk(1) replaced with a version imported from FreeBSD
 + libcurses, libxcurses, libxcurses2, terminfo were replaced by ncurses
 + grep(1) replaced with a version imported from FreeBSD
 + errc(3), warnc(3) were added to libc
 + fts(3) added to libc
 + reallocarray(3) added to libc
 + LibreSSL (libcrypto, libssl, libtls, openssl(1), nc(1)) added
 + cpio-formatted boot archives
 * man(1) is mandoc. mandoc.db support added, eliminating the need for
   manpage symlinks.
 * socket interfaces are now in libc. libsocket, libxnet and libnsl remain as
   filter libraries.
 * socket implementation was modified to be more reasonable by default, and it
   is no longer possible to choose an alternate socket implementation.
   msg_accrights was removed and msg_control members are now always visible in
   struct msghdr.
   Documentation was updated and moved to section 2: accept(2), bind(2),
   connect(2), getpeername(2), getsockname(2), getsockopt(2), listen(2),
   recv(2), send(2), shutdown(2), socket(2), socketpair(2), and the new
   sockatmark(2) and CMSG_DATA(3)
 * make(1) is bmake(1) instead of dmake(1)
 * sed(1) replaced with a version imported from FreeBSD
 * locale data has been updated to CLDR v28; tools to generate it were imported
   from FreeBSD. This fixes many character classification errors.
 * install(1m) was replaced by install(1) from OpenBSD.
 * all process security flags are on by default
 * putwchar(3c), putwc(3c), fputwc(3c), and fputws(3c) have only XPG5 behavior
 * man pages from section 1M have been moved to section 8; third party code
   (libncurses, namely) is not affected
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