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Old 9th June 2008
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Doh! Server arrived, tried to boot amd64, crash. Tried to boot i386, got farther but locked up. NetBSD i386 apparently can't see the raid controller (as the installer complains that there are no drives to install to). Don't quite know what the problem is, and don't have any reference points where the crash/lockup takes place right now (I'm too angry), but I will get that later.

I'm on my way to the store to pick up some 3.5" floppies so I can update the bios on this system. Hopefully that will resolve the problem.

I'm even angrier that I can't find any floppies... never mind that I haven't used them in at least 5 years.

I'll get back to you guys a bit later on the error/lockup. Just venting for right now
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