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Originally Posted by Crypto333 View Post
You may wish to have a copy of the install files and maybe any desired package .tgz files so you can use the drive as an install media (boot bsd.rd instead of letting it boot normally)" is a bit advanced and confusing for me?
To address this specifically, you can boot up the usb key and do the following:

mkdir -p /`uname -r`/`uname -m`/

Then download the kernels and install sets from pub/OpenBSD/`uname -r`/`uname -m`/{*.tgz,bsd*} and put them in the directory you created. Then, when you boot later, you can choose bsd.rd (the ramdisk "installer" kernel) at the boot prompt, then select "disk" and give it the path /5.5/amd64 (for instance) for the path to the tgz files. That will pull them off the local usb key rather than re-download them.
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