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Default New to the forums, new to OpenBSD

Howdy! I just recently installed OpenBSD on an old 386 desktop machine here at work, and I'm looking forward to setting it up as a general desktop system to tinker with and learn. I haven't decided yet whether I'll put a DE (Xfce, if so), WM (Openbox), or just go with framebuffer + tmux.

I come from the land of Linux (Slackware and Debian sid), using it since 1999, and Mac OSX (used Macs since 1986). I have never used Windows, except as *cough* servers in my work environment; never ran Windows at home.

I'm very impressed with *BSD so far... it seems more complete and cohesive than Linux. I'm planning on returning to school this year to learn ISS (Information Systems Security) and network management, so OpenBSD seems like a natural, in that respect.
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