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As a result of the upgrade I had to fix a few things..

1. Postfix was disabled
-- Killed Sendmail
-- re-enabled postfix
-- I have a transport file -- postmap transport
For some reason port 25 was still in use and postfix
would not start..
Reboot fixed it.. Postfix now happy..

Note to self:
find out how to see what process has port X locked..

This way I could avoid the reboot...

2. Amavisd had some changes
-- Fortunately, I had just done an install on another
box and have the current configuration files for
- amavisd.conf
- clamd.conf
- freshclam.conf

3. Squid was also changed.. haven't gotten that fixed yet..
My squid conf file is only used for remote tunneling so should be
a simple fix..

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