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Originally Posted by shassard View Post
Nope :P

I'm an IT Manager and geek who loves awesome cheap gear.

Compared to Intel dual/quad NICs, this is a steal.

I'm sure the performance will suffer some considering it's just a 32bit PCI card, but if you're not pushing the card too hard at gigabit speeds, I'm not sure that you'd notice. I'd love to see some performance data if someone decides to pick one of these cards up.
Well welcome to the forum none the less. I'm not sure how hard I'll be taxing these cards, I don't transfer huge amount of data that often personally but I have alot of people who visit for the odd leech so it's in mine and their best intereted to get it done as fast as possible. I'll definitely post some info on them once/if I get it which is looking more and more likely It's already on my hardware wish list.

Just need a 8-12 port Gigabit switch now.
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