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Default ssh/external access

Hi there. I have another question. I'm trying to set up access to my obsd 4.3 box from outside of my router. The ISP I'm with provided me with a Seimens something-or-other 6520 router. I have my obsd box set with an internal ip addy. The router supports dyndns. I have an active account with dyndns. I'm using another computer to ssh into my bsd box internally, and that works fine. But if I try to putty my dyndns url, it doesn't work. If I open a browser from my laptop and use that url it brings me to the router web-interface (config page). I have set the router to forward port 22 to my bsd box's ip, but it doesn't seem to work. Not sure if I set up everything correctly or if the router is just a piece of crap. Don't have the $$$ to buy a new router; not really worried about this, but wouldn't mind being able to ssh to my box from work (when I'm bored and assuming IS doesn't mind). Any thoughts? There aren't too many other options I can play with on the router...

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