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Originally Posted by jwhal View Post
Work has that port blocked. ISP does not offer static IP's (not for residential use at least). Not that *important*, just that if the ability was there I'd take advantage. It's not, so case closed. Thanks for all the help though!

Well, actually, not "case closed" necessarily. SSH runs on port 22 as a matter of standard, but your implementation doesn't have to. You can set ssh to respond on any port you like. Of course, in your case you'd have to confine it to those ports your workplace allows outbound traffic on... and that their sensors and admins wouldn't see as suspicious. Then don't forget to configure your router to do a redirect on the new port you are choosing for SSH traffic.

The other thing is that you mentioned that you don't get a proper redirect from your laptop on your LAN to the port 22 of your OBSD box... being that you are on the LAN side of your router, this may not be surprising. It may just be the case that your router does those redirects for inbound packets hitting it's WAN interface, and not redirecting for packets incoming on the LAN interface (because philosophically speaking, why would it need to? It seems useless to do a redirect on the router from one LAN host to another LAN host.)

A way to try this is to redirect port 80 in your router to your OBSD box. Then fire up httpd (you don't need a config, it should just come up with the default page.) Then go to a proxy service (a reputable one) like (and "try their service for free".) Put in the dyndns url address... and you should see the standard welcome page for Apache on OBSD. If not, then yes, you have something screwed up in your router config, but I doubt it's the case that your router is crappy (well, it's crappy but not that crappy lol.)

Good luck.
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