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The problem is he will never be able to test this from inside his LAN. If you notice he says he hasn't tested it from the outside and I think it will work just fine. the reason he gets his router page from the inside is because the router won't route traffic out and then back in by default. from inside the LAN, he would have to put entries in the hosts file of his client machine to get to the server through DNS. Even then, he would need to get outside his network to really test this. If his URL is pointing to his router, and port 22 is forwarded back to his server, and port 22 is reachable from the outside (as confirmed by canyouseeme, then he should be able to reach the box from the OUTSIDE of his network using the DNS name but NOT from the inside unless he puts an entry into his hosts file for the server's IP address. He would still be able to acces it from the inside with the internal IP though.

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