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Thanks. I did a fresh install of 5.6 from the ISO image before doing this. Am I understanding you correctly that I first need to build "stable", then I can grab the current code and build from there?

Basically my process so far has been:

1. Download the 5.6 ISO image
2. Install from the image
3. Log in as root and set my CVSROOT environment variable
4. Check out the code from CVS (I had been just grabbing current) (src, xenocara and ports)
5. Following FAQ 5 to build the kernel (multi CPU / amd64) from source
6. Reboot
7. Build userland per 5.3.5 from the FAQ

I immediately hit the "invalid -C flag" error when I run "make build" from /usr/src and when I look at the makefile, it most certainly is invoking ${MAKE} with a -C option which the man page doesn't list as a valid flag.

I'll try following stable using this approach and see if I am able to build that. From my reading of the documentation, stable is basically the 5.6 base plus the errata.

Thanks for the help so far. Please let me know if I'm heading down a bad path.
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