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Originally Posted by rpindy View Post
I installed the bwi firmware linked to on the page I linked to above using pkg_add and then rebooted with the installation CD ...
If that is true, then you booted the wrong OS. The installation CD is the so called "ramdisk kernel", bsd.rd, which keeps a completely self-contained filesystem structure in RAM. The installed firmware is in /etc/firmware on your hard drive.

(Yes, with admin skills you could mount your root partition and copy the files from the /<mountpoint>/etc into the filesystem in RAM, but such things usually cause the RAM filesystem to run out of memory.)

Boot the standard OS, where the firmware is installed, and try:

# dhclient bwi0

If that works, then all you need do is create an /etc/hostname.bwi0 file -- see FAQ 6 and the hostname.if(5) man page for instructions.
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