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I should mention that I copied a floppy disk image of OpenBSD to the floppy via dd to the fd0 device and the a: partition is formatted as the 4.2BSD filesystem while the c: and i: partitions are unused and MSDOS formatted respectively.

Originally Posted by yetoo View Post
How does one mount a partition?
I think I answered my own question. The letter at the end of the device, /dev/fd0, signifies the partition label shown by disklabel. But, when I try to mount /mnt/floppy to /dev/fd0a, there is nothing in the directory. When I try to unmount the directory and/or the device, I get a message that the directory/device isn't mounted. I'll show the verbose output soon.

A question though, why doesn't disklabel display fd0 when used as an argument but only display when its partitions are used as arguments?
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