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Default has a nice tutorial on simple doas setup, thought ibara's mini tutorial above is even quicker.

As for wifi, it will depend upon the card and whether it's seen or not. Often, you want to run
doas fw_update which will install drivers for a few wireless cards. Does the system see the card?

If, say, it's an Intel card, you can try man iwm or man iwn to see about its setup. If you only use it on your home network, you can set up an /etc/hostname/hostname.iwm0 as an example. It contains the lines, if your wireless network is called mynetwork and the password is mypass

nwid mynetwork
wpakey mypass

See the faq at which has an incomplete section configuring your wireless adapter.

You can test from command line, again assuming your card is iwm0 and the network name and pass are the ones I used.

ifconfig iwm0 nwid mynetwork wpakey mypass and see if it works.

Running just ifconfig will show you if your wireless card has been seen.
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