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Originally Posted by Larry View Post
What graphical desktop environments are available i.e. KDE, Gnome xfce and so on?
Two window managers are installed by default when X is installed:fvwm(1) is also configured to be the default window manager. Others are available in OpenBSD's official package system. An interspersed list can be found at the following:
Where can I get them? And how do I install them?
You should familiarize yourself with OpenBSD's package system which is described in Section 15 of the FAQ.
How do I enable sound?
This is addressed in Section 13 of the FAQ.

The OpenBSD project is small. Although you will find a number of sources across the Internet which discuss various aspects of the operating system, the very best source of information on all current aspects of OpenBSD is the official FAQ itself. Many of your questions are answered in this document, & you will save yourself significant aggravation & frustration by studying the entirety of this document now while new to the operating system & culture.
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