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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
No FreeBSD doesn't support that! NVidia corporation is the one that released a binary bloob driver for FreeBSD but decided not to release one for OpenBSD and NetBSD due to the small market share.
They are the one who decided to produce closed hardware.

If I recall correctly some of these binary bloob video drivers for FreeBSD can work on NetBSD via some kind emulation. The one in question might not but it is worth further investigation.

Sjees, is zeebra white in black stripes or black in white stripes?

FreeBSD suports that card if you install Nvidia driver- and then FreeBSD supports it!

Who cares if this is blob or not? That works! I wish I could have such binary blob under NetBSD as I am running it for my desktop computer not super-hiper secure serve- b/c why shall I need Nvidia card for a server??

I do not recall any possibility to run that driver through any emulation under NetBSD- it is just complicated to do that.

So I say yes- FreeBSD as an operating system does support your graphic card Larry.


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