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There is no way to load the password file from within the chroot.

Here's the part you're missing:

I never added the '/etc/nginx/'. See the configuration lines above. It will always add that to whatever I create. So whatever paths I put in the configuration file, even to a file within the chroot, become mangled with that prefixed "crap".

If I put the password file in '/var/www/conf/', there is no way to fool the configuration line into loading it. Using '../../var/www' can't work to escape out of the '/etc/nginx' back to root and then back into the chroot directory '/var/www/'.

If nginx would stop prefixing the path this might have a chance at working.

If I put the file where you suggest, then the configuration line will be mangled into this non-working line:

The problem is that nginx put a non-working path in. How the heck could basic auth ever work without disabling chroot?
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