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Ive been running it on my laptop for half a year orso.

In short,

Xorg works properly (Unlike FreeBSD/OpenBSD where I could not get it work beyond vesa driver speeds).
Flash support, I hate it, but it's "needed" at times, to be honest it's also more convenient than youtube_dl from the commandline.
VirtualBox support - FreeBSD has this too now, I "need" it for work.

It's big, complicated, difficult to understand, does a lot of automagic.
The way packages work suck, also often outdated.
Unclear release scheme/dates, 2010.02 is now 2010.03, and AFAIK it will not be released in March :-/

While not perfect, it works for me as a desktop OS at this point ...

"Maybe i’m old-fashioned, but shouldn’t core O/S tools be written in C? If you can’t code in C, I don’t want you writing my O/S."
Nonsense. Code quality is what counts. Programming language is often secondary, depending on what exactly you are writing of course (No, writing a kernel in Python would not be a good idea).
UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things.
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