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Default DOS is not dead punk is not dead
Yeah, the famous ''distros'' are ''dead'' (MS-DOS,PC-DOS...), but some are still ''alive''.
I started this topic because saw that one member suprised with how anyone today use DOS
Today DOS is cheap system to someone who has small private bussines (as doctor, dentist...) and why he/she for one program which use to buy expensive licence for multitasks OS?
DOS has long history, so you can find very big collection of software for it.
Currently ''distros'' are:
-DR-DOS 7.03 by DR DOS Inc.
-ROM-DOS 7.1 by Datalight
-PTS-DOS 32 by PhysTech Software
-ZDOS by Zebor Technology
and there are some open-source ''distros'' which are theoretically immortal:
-FreeDOS (I think version 1.1)
-RTXDOS 2000 (derivate of RXDOS)

and smaller, not so famous ''distros''...
DOS available and for other architectures as MSX,PDP-11...and almost those ''distros'' are dead...
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