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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
is this legitimately applicable ?
Fundamentally, you are asked why everyone doesn't run -current -- even in production.

The answer is that the risk of running into unknown behavior which will adversely affect downtime is unacceptable. The agreement they may have with their customers may be contractually binding to providing a prescribed amount of uptime. Unknown downtime caused by running OpenBSD's branch containing freshly developed code is considered to be too large a risk.

Whereas, -release & -stable have received greater scrutiny from the project developers. While there still may be issues which affect downtime, the changes of such are smaller.

Another reason for the use of -release or -stable is that the code used for these flavors are well-known & can be accessed through CVS tags. The same cannot be said for -current snapshots. If a problem is identified in a month-old snapshot, it is difficult to impossible to track down the exact code which may be running in that situation.
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