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The problem I am having, everything I find that goes into a lot of detail is for Nginx and not Httpd (apache). I have been trying myself using httpd, and no results that work. This leads to why I ended up using Nginx myself, instead of httpd.
I do notice no one else has jumped in here, with any suggestions, indicates to me mayve no one knows .My suggestion is to ask at this mailing list:
User questions and answers, general questions. This is the most active list. Please read the FAQ and the installation documents, and see how to report a problem before posting.
There also is a list of professionals here:
I used one I found here ^above^ to help me with my server, you will notice there are various in many different countries, obviously one that is from the same country, and speaks/writes in your native language would be best.
I will keep trying to do something with httpd, but do not have much free time, and also am not at all a expert, but if I come up with something that works I will post about it here.
I am thinking maybe with just the default httpd, that comes with the OpenBsd 6.5 , it is not enough and additional packages are needed, but not sure on that.
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