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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
Then lighttpd-mysql to replace Apache ..
Of course, you can try this from the very beginning, however, I would caution you about being overly ambitious. As an example, if something breaks, how do you debug/fix the problem?

It is a lot easier to find the root cause when you have only made 2-3 changes in comparison to 37. I would recommend getting an initial configuration working with the default Apache 1.3 server first. Once you get that working, then substitute in more exotic choices.

When working through tasks for the first time, do only a few changes at a time, then assess whether it worked to that point. Doing lots of wholesale changes is harder to isolate the fundamental problem.
Do I have to chmod/chown anything related ?
Looks like you need to do more research.
(I have met what's needed according to INSTALL :
...& you expect that the documentation is going to tell you everything?

Welcome to Unix.

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