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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
When I go setting language a box says :
Your session data was lost! Check your php.ini and make sure session.save_path is set to an appropriate directory.
  • Okay, have you found your php.ini, & how is session.save_path set? Sometimes, errors are straight-forward.
  • Quote:
    Going back to Apache proves your methodology to be correct !
    Maybe now you are beginning to understand why several people here have been harping on using a systematic & cautious approach as opposed to slapping together something that "kinda sorta shoulda work". After all, the person who has to figure out what broke is you. You might as well make it simple on yourself to isolate errors.
Maybe we don't have all the answers either, but a systematic approach to problem-solving can make the situation far more understandable.
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