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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
I'm stuck
I can empathize. Everyone here has been there at one time or another.

However, commiserating doesn't advance any closer to a solution, & simply saying "I'm stuck" is actually very ambiguous. What every engineer has to surmise when in unknown territory is "What do I know, & what do I not know?" This helps frame the problem & indicate possible steps to finding a solution. This is also why we have repeatedly asked you to read the following thread for comprehension:

Until you can articulate (to yourself) where you are stuck, no advancement is going to be made. Until you can articulate to us where you are stuck, we will not be able to provide recommendations.
in the end I've learnt much from spoon-feeding ..
As I have mentioned to you elsewhere, we don't typically do projects for others as it requires hardware & time which may not be available.

So, you have a choice. Either abandon the project, or dig deeper. And part of that exploration requires understanding the problem.
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